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The city of Malibu, CA is gorgeous. From the pristine beaches, perfect surfing waves, to the 5-star restaurants, the city offers so much to the residents that would make anyone envious. Located in Southern California, the city of Malibu has a little over twelve thousand residents. While it is more of an upscale area, it’s in close proximity to surrounding cities in the Los Angeles area.

We pride ourselves on being the best moving company Malibu has to offer our residents. This great city has a lot to offer its residents, and whether you’re moving near Zuma Beach or Malibu Creek, you should aim to hire a moving company in Malibu that has experience. The city boasts high-end restaurants like Nobo Malibu, a great place for breakfast would be Paradise Cove Beach Café and more. When moving to the city of Malibu, it’s crucial to hire a company that has experience in the area, and that’s where the Relocation Network comes in. We’ve been helping residents move in the city of Malibu for a long time. Whether you’re moving near Malibu Lagoon Museum, the historic Malibu Pier, we can help.

Hire a full-service moving company in Malibu

When you’re ready to move to the city of Malibu, let our company transport your belongings. Known as one of the best moving company Malibu has to offer, we’ve been helping residents move in the city of Malibu for decades. All our employees go through thorough training to make sure your home and belongings are not damaged. Whether you have newly installed hardwood floors that are easy to scratch, or high-end, delicate furniture that cannot be damaged. These are things our employees know about, without you even having to mention it. All our employees understand the inside and outs of moving; this way, our full-service movers can get the job done without any damage to your home or items.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our full-service moving company in Malibu will guarantee you relocate without any hassle. Our company is fully licensed to operate in the city of Malibu, and offers insurance with all our moves. Our free-quote will be given either in person or through virtual consultation. This is done to make sure that the quote is as accurate a possible. When trying to hire a full-service mover in the city of Malibu, stay away from companies that quote you by phone, or online. It’s always good that the moving company can see what they’re moving, otherwise expect an increase in cost later down the road.

Are you Moving to Malibu? Helpful resources for movers

Malibu Chamber of Commerce
23706 Malibu Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-9025

Malibu-Santa Monica Unified School District
1651 Sixteenth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 450-8338

City of Malibu
23825 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 450-8338

Malibu Water District
23533 West Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265
(877) 637-3661

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